The Importance of Estate Planning

Many people delay estate planning, thinking they will get around to it eventually. “Next month” or “after the holidays” or “after I retire” are common refrains. Understandably, most of us do not want to think about leaving our loved ones behind. In reality, estate planning is about living – about taking care of the people who matter most in your life.

Without a proper will and, in many cases, a well-planned trust, you effectively place your final affairs in the hands of the court instead of the hands of trusted friends and family members. With the court in charge, your assets will be distributed according to state law – and not necessarily the way you would have wanted. A thoughtful, detailed estate plan eliminates the need for lengthy, expensive court procedures. More importantly, it provides your spouse, children, and other loved ones with closure and a promising future.

At the law office of Gregory H. Zogran, I help individuals and families create their legacy. Every member of the firm works hard to make sure your plans and dreams are clearly and accurately set forth the way you want them to be. Simply put: your priorities are my priorities.


Along with a phenomenal support staff committed to client care, I help people with a variety of will matters. Formally referred to as a last will and testament, a will specifies how you want your property distributed when you die. If you have young children, you can also use your will to appoint caretakers responsible for their day to day care and finances. From our very first meeting, I will work with you to address your concerns about your property, debts, and family members. Together, we will create a last will and testament that gives you confidence and peace of mind about the future.

In some cases, it is necessary to challenge a will’s validity. As an estate planning practitioner with decades of experience, I have seen firsthand how will contests take a toll on the parties involved. Whether you are challenging a will based on fraud, coercion, lack of competency, or duress, I will handle your case with sensitivity and compassion.


Trusts are tremendously useful estate planning tools that convey a number of benefits. Properly planned, they can help you provide income for your loved ones after you are gone. An effective trust can also solve complicated business succession issues for small and family-owned business owners. They are also beneficial for remarried individuals who wish to provide for children from a first marriage.

At Gregory H. Zogran, P.A., I work closely with clients to create trusts that suit their specific needs. Just as every family is unique, each trust is specifically designed to complement their goals. Unlike other firms that produce boilerplate trust documents, I take time to listen to the needs of each client. Your assets are too important to leave to chance. I can help you with a variety of asset protection strategies.

Providing Peace of Mind

To learn more about the firm and my approach to estate planning, call my Stuart, Florida office at 772-220-9699. I will work with you to create an estate planning solution that safeguards your assets and achieves your goals.

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